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  • 3.9
One morning, the rich and powerful industrialist Stanislas Graff is kidnapped outside his home by a commando group. Completely cut off from the rest of the world and only aware of what the kidnappers tell him, Stanislas cannot understand why his friends and family are taking their time to pay the demanded ransom. Outside, his world breaks down as the details of his double life emerge. All of his most intimate secrets (including a mistress and gambling debts) are revealed to his family, the police and the public. Everyone discovers a man far different than the one they had imagined. Based on the 1978 kidnapping of Baron Edouard-Jean Empain (though updated to the present).



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Official selection of the 2010 International Film Festival Rotterdam.

Member Reviews (7)

top reviewer

Superb masterfully created thriller crafted in a true French tradition . Has a poetic side in which tragedy and violence are portrayed in a delicate fashion. Great film.

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top reviewer

this a the greatest movie I have seen in a long time I give it a 5 since there is no6..its amust see.and deserved that award in 2010

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top reviewer

Social or philosophical lessons from this motion picture are somewhat hard to discern. The most unbelievable sequence is the failure of the authorities and his family to provide any medical care at all to Graff upon his return from captivity, amputation, and the risk of lethal infection. Normally an ambulance would speed him to a hospital immediately, and any necessary police interrogation would take place there.

Excellent, holds together well. Good acting. I recognize the mother from Absolutely Fabulous. Nice.

The story was intense, acting excellent.

The actors did well and the camera work was good. I do not care as much for the over all plot but it was well delivered.

Pretty good movie!