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Raiders of the Living Dead1986

  • 2.5
"The dead are after me!" wails the power ballad theme-song chorus for this ultra-low-budget, New Jersey-shot horror film (and, indeed, they are). A reporter (Robert Deveau) researching mysterious disappearances and a whiz-kid teenager (Scott Schwartz of A CHRISTMAS STORY) who accidentally invents a "death laser" find themselves fighting zombies on an abandoned East Coast prison island. But before that happens, there are truck-jackings, a tragic hamster fatality, a sepia-toned Satanic nightmare and other events that make very little sense (perhaps because RAIDERS was released in several different edits, the first two under the names DYING DAY and DARK NIGHT). This last, longest version is the only narrative feature directed by the remarkable Samuel M. Sherman. Sherman earned his stripes in filmmaking as a producer and writer for Al Adamson and owner of their Independent International Pictures. Look for a cameo appearance as a grumpy librarian by Zita Johann, a Hungarian actress whose short-lived screen career endeared her to horror fans as the female lead in the original classic Boris Karloff version of THE MUMMY. - Dennis Harvey

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Member Reviews (1)

One of the worst films I've ever seen.The production value is a joke. It looks like someone took the 1st cell phone ever that could record video,smeared feces on it and used it to make a movie