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Putting It Straight1957

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  • 3.7
A film about "crooked" teeth, dealing with the causes of irregular teeth and stressing the importance of early, regular and systematic care of the primary teeth in preventing such conditions. The case of a young girl whose happiness was being undermined demonstrates that, treated in time, protruding teeth can be straightened. An animation sequence illustrates normal growth and development of the primary teeth and how irregularities can arise.



Member Reviews (1)

Should be intriguing to any current or former orthodontic patient. I'd be curious to know how stats have changed around crooked teeth in the past several decades, due to changing customs in childhood dental treatment. This doc indicates that most kids in the west with crooked teeth have tooth decay and extractions to blame. I doubt that's the case today, since we tend to fill kids' cavities. And most folks I've known with braces were treating crowding, not excess space.