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Private Property1960

  • 3.9
Two homicidal Southern California drifters (played to creepy perfection by Warren Oates and Corey Allen) wander off the beach and into the seemingly-perfect Beverly Hills home of unhappy housewife Kate Manx, in this long-lost film noir gem written and directed by THE OUTER LIMITS creator Leslie Stevens. Shot in stunning black and white by master cameraman Ted McCord (THE TREASURE OF SIERRA MADRE), PRIVATE PROPERTY is both an eerie, Jim Thompson-esque thriller and a savage critique of the hollowness of the Playboy-era American Dream. Warren Oates delivers his first great screen performance here as one of the drifters, years before he emerged in THE WILD BUNCH and TWO-LANE BLACKTOP as one of the finest character actors of his generation; his bizarre, voyeuristic Lennie-and-George relationship with the underrated Corey Allen (James Dean's hot rod rival in REBEL WITHOUT A CAUSE) is fueled by a barely-suppressed homoerotic tension. The back-story to the film is almost as strange: director Stevens (a protégé of Orson Welles) and lead actress Manx were married at the time, and the film was shot in their own Beverly Hills home. Several years later, Manx tragically committed suicide and her fragile spirit seems to hang over the film. A major rediscovery for noir and crime fans, PRIVATE PROPERTY was completely lost until UCLA Film and TV Archive recently located the only known 35mm elements, which have been restored in 4k by Cinelicious for this re-release.

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Wow! Uniquely stylish, sexy and suspenseful. A major (re)discovery in the late noir crime canon.

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Member Reviews (6)

Wow! Uniquely stylish, sexy and suspenseful. A major (re)discovery in the late noir crime canon.

1 member likes this review
top reviewer

Gorgeous and naive blonde is taken in by no good drifter. Can anything good come of this? I don't know to what degree this has been restored but the print is really good so they obviously did a great job.Kate Manx's life was cut short by suicide at age 34 ending what may have been a promising career. She was married to the director of this film Leslie Stevens.

Oh Man I really liked it a lot. I didn't think I would it's really good.

slow and uneventful. would not recommend.

I can't believe I've never even heard of this film but am so glad to have found it here. What a wonderful discovery! I'm now in the mood for "Lady in a Cage" and "Female on the Beach."