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also known as Élève libre

Private Lessons2008

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  • 3.4
An aspiring tennis player is taken under the wing of an established player as his family life falls apart.

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top reviewer

Controversial, at best, this is the story of Jonas, who needs to be hitting the books. It goes slow for much of the film. A set of people comprising his surrogate family, take him under their wing. Proselytizing a lot, taking advantage of him, and then you'll find yourself saying "Wait, what just happened here" -- I felt like throwing a calculus book at this character, "you need to hang around people your own age." Neither the actors nor their characters were very sympathetic, and against this very bland background, this only accentuated how cold and serious the story that unfolds actually is. You wonder if there are any winners in the end, and if this is what it all amounts to, in addition to the blatant abuse of someone who needed guidance.

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top reviewer

I found this to be quite shocking. The way a young person can be manipulated. Complex. Not a pretty coming of age. Uncomfortable, subject, but well done.

Very sexy, but he was two faced little prick. He enjoyed the sex then bad mouths the person giving it to him

Excellent writing, editing photography. The opening close action scenes were marvelous. Loved the Camus bit. And the truth that only a man can give another man a good blowjob.

very god and interesting

I thought Private Lessons was a good movie, I enjoyed it from start to finish.