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also known as The Smoke Fairy

Princess Nicotine1909

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  • 3.7
PRINCESS NICOTINE was produced in New York by the pioneer Vitagraph Company. The filmmakers are unknown, although J. Stuart Blackton, who co-founded Vitagraph in 1897 after a vaudeville career as a lightning sketch artist, is a likely candidate. Nonsensical films like these later delighted the French surrealists.



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All I can say is, when the going gets surreal, the surreal get going.

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All I can say is, when the going gets surreal, the surreal get going.

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top reviewer

Charmingly creative!

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top reviewer

This has just become my favorite non Porter or Melies early silent film.

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top reviewer

Silly playing with the tools of cinematography.

Charming odd little fairy tale.

Very fun visual effects tricks, editing and stop motion.

Evidence of a child-like mind working during the embryonic stages of motion pictures.

Fabulous special effects for a turn-of-the-century silent film.