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Remarkably well-cast D.H. Lawrence biopic was one of the last works distributed by Filmways Pictures.

Working alongside Hollywood legend Ava Gardner and director Christopher Miles, Ian McKellen shows D.H. Lawrence in all his rebellious grandeur, thumbing his nose at authority while still managing to write masterpieces. The film begins with the English government burning copies of "The Rainbow" and continues through his exodus around the world, joined by his combative wife Frieda (Janet Suzman). From his destructive sojourn to the American Southwest to an earth-shaking visit to Oaxaca and finishing with his erotic adventures in Italy, PRIEST OF LOVE provides a colorful and insightful portrait of Lawrence's life and art. He had one last great shock left in him, though, and the film closes with the publication of "Lady Chatterley's Lover" and the uproar that greeted its sexually explicit prose, Lawrence's last great statement of rebellion before he succumbed to tuberculosis in 1930. PRIEST OF LOVE provides a beautifully shot portrait of one of the great artists of the 20th century.

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Created over 3 years ago.

So many excellent things about this movie. A writer worth making a movie about --- is is only because he made a stir sexually? I'd like to hear more about the rest of his genius, here. And much about his so called "erotic adventures" is only implied, so lightly that it's hard to know what they were. But I really enjoyed the movie, which treated all with such respect, and honesty about their eccentric behaviors that were not always pleasing. I can't understand him having TB and not treating it as contagious. Odd.

Beautifully made. Moving, informative, visually lovely, and a rare enough treat to see a writer as a subject, much less his wife. A good marriage, too, what an unusual thing to see portrayed.

Created over 3 years ago.

excellent and timely----present day relevance for sure

Created 10 months ago.

Very romantic retrospective on a great thinker and the love of a good woman! Cinematography is outstanding.

Created 3 months ago.

Outstanding, Aloha

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