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Post Mortem2010

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  • 3.8
The second part of director Pablo Larrain's celebrated trilogy about Chile during the dictatorial reign of Augusto Pinochet, POST MORTEM is a "grim, intense, mordantly comic little film" (A.O. Scott, New York Times) about a civil servant transformed by the 1973 military coup. Mario (Alfredo Castro) is an unassuming state employee who transcribes notes during autopsies. Furtive and lonely, he becomes obsessed with his neighbor, the dancehall girl Nancy (Antonia Zegers), who is involved with a group of left-wing activists. With the coup, and the death of President Salvador Allende, Nancy's friends are hunted down and Mario's hospital becomes clogged with the bodies of dissenters. Soon the violence filters into Mario's psyche and he begins to break down, much like his country. Following the brilliant TONY MANERO and preceding NO, POST MORTEM is "a new and original vision of political terror" (J. Hoberman) that remains urgently relevant to the repressive regimes of today.
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...stunning view of life in Chile during Allende coup. Madness for all. Excellent film. It drags on in just a few places, but I realized that these scenes bookend the tragic scenes of mass "disappearances" during the coup. Not your usual approach to dictatorships so I gave it a top rating.