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also known as Las vidas posibles

Possible Lives2007

  • 3.0
After her husband mysteriously disappears during a business trip to Patagonia, Clara embarks on a desperate mission to find him. During her search, she makes a startling discovery: a man with an uncanny resemblance to her spouse but with another name and a wife. Convinced the stranger may be her husband, she ignores entreaties to quit her search just as police discover a body that may be the real man she seeks. Shot amid majestic vistas and suffused with vibrant color and sexuality, director Sandra Gugliotta's feature is a haunting and suspenseful study of grief and letting go.

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top reviewer

totally weird_you know what your husband looks like & who he is_and even if he disappears you know_i like this mystery based on loss & the inability to accept the truth_the inner truth the power of love the mystery of loss_Ana Celentano - Carla is beautiful she does a great job

top reviewer

Mysterious, and often frightening, this film really achieves the sense of suspicion and even paranoia. What at first reflects a story of double or missing identity, confusion with a palpable chill, may in the end be rationalization for what is too traumatic to bear.