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  • 3.0
From the uniformly excellent acting to the subtle manner in which the story is handled, this is masterful filmmaking. In Warsaw, 1943, Witold meets the cultivated Fryderyk at a salon and they become friends. He takes Fryderyk with him to the country estate of Hipolit, Maria and Henia, their teenage daughter. Fryderyk embarks on a game to engineer the cuckolding of Waclaw, Henia's fiancé, by Karol, a youth in the household. Meanwhile, war intrudes on the country idyll. The local guerrilla commander seems to lose his grip. A murder happens at the estate. Rumors that the war may end soon don't halt deadly turns. What is Fryderyk's nature and what has shaped it? Adapted from the celebrated novel by Witold Gombrowicz.

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Winner of five awards at the 2003 Polish Film Festival (and five others at the 2004 Polish Film Awards).

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Unlike so much from Shoah collection, this movie reaches way below the surface and shows us a variety of experiences from all classes of people. fascinating in every detail. Far from being a history lesson, it is more masterful, much like Macbeth isn't about a murder, but rather about the intense emotional struggles that hunger for power brings. This film shows the various ways people cope with a rapidly changing world. I really can't praise it too generously--it is a beautiful picture of a terrifying time. For those of you who read my reviews, you will note that the holocaust is the question that absolutely defines my struggle as a human being. I don't feel I can be at rest until I have some understanding of how the Germans, of all societies are capable of this totally unimaginable atrocity. You MUST witness HUMAN REMAINS, reviewed above. guten nacht

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top reviewer

leaves too much to the imagination

did not the characters and the theme and the under siege of war issue, sad story.