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also known as Pigsty


  • 3.7
PORCILE (PIGSTY), the story of a cannibal in a medieval wasteland, is interwoven with that of the son of an ex-Nazi industrialist in modern day Germany. The young German, who is more attracted to pigs than his fiancee, and the cannibal become sacrificial victims of their different societies. This strange, grotesque and thought provoking parable is filmed with such a calm beauty and underlying disgust that it gains a deep significance as an attack on the middle classes of the 20th century.

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Fair, and could have covered his life and career as both filmmaker and writer more completely, including his death following his final film, Salo. I've always been interested in his essay concerning poetry in the cinema and, to me, The Gospel according to St. Matthew is the best depiction of Christ ever brought to the screen.