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Poor Cinderella1934

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  • 4.0
A redheaded Betty Boop? The Fleischer Studios employed their signature dame in this buoyant adaptation of the classic fairy tale, the first installment of the studio’s COLOR CLASSICS series. Though the plot whizzes by in a little more than ten minutes, the studio’s innovative multi-planar animation allows the viewer to luxuriate in richly detailed backdrops (the cartoon equivalent of a prestige picture's set design).



Member Reviews (9)

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top reviewer

A red-headed Betty Boop? Who knew? Always great to see my favorite cartoon flapper "cast" in one of my favorite fairy tales. And with a cameo by Rudy Vallee, who can resist?

top reviewer

Betty Boop with red hair? Even so, I loved this fantasy and all of its crazy color. One of my favorites.


I found myself singing along. I didn't realize that I would remember the songs and dialog from when I was a child. (Betty Boop was a classic back then too).

you just can't go wrong with betty boop as Cinderella wounderful color animation and sweet music in a fun short version of the story.

A very delightful story of a classic.

Rare - classic animation. Fun to see Betty Boop used as a character in a story (not playing herself)

Cinderella abbreviated with Betty Boop has a red head. Cute!

i love betty boop