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Polish Kitsch Project2003

  • 2.4
This screwball, laugh-out-loud comedy is a quasi-documentary about two hilarious con artists who fool beautiful actresses into thinking that they are starring in a hit film. Far from being real directors, the culinary school graduate and his bumbling side-kick are using a camera for the first time and have no idea how to operate it. None-the-less, these two matchstick men successfully extract money from naive, wannabe actresses who will do anything to be in a movie.

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Member Reviews (2)

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Better in Polish.

"Screwball, laugh-out-loud' is a phrase designed to get us to look at this film. The film fails to deliver on this. Another example of the 'emperor's new clothes' syndrome. No one wants to call this a waste of time for fear of being thought unsophisticated. It's a waste of time.