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Pleasure or Pain2012

  • 3.0
  • passes the bechdel test
  • mature audiences
The final feature film from Zalman King, "the high priest of erotic filmmaking" (according to Premiere Magazine), PLEASURE OR PAIN takes the audience on the erotic odyssey of Victoria (Penthouse Pet Malena Morgan), an artistic young designer who falls into a passionate affair with wealthy real estate developer Jack (Christos Vasilopoulus). His sensual charisma exerts an irresistible pull over Victoria. Initially drawn by his magnetic wooing, she soon finds herself spellbound by Jack and inexorably seduced into a world of erotic abandon from which she fears she may never return.

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Pleasure or Pain brought me both. The ample beauty displayed was wonderful, the camera work and lighting were excellent, but the pace seemed too slow and the script ended up strained and even boring. I lost interest somehow with the introduction of the tattooed character. During the middle half of the film I felt surrounded by characters I really didn't like and confronted with a central character I no longer cared about.

The microphone scenes never worked for me. The cane's early appearance signaled what might yet happen. The last ten minutes took too long to unfold, and as I no longer seemed to care , was boring. The plain/pleasure scene (a la Green Door ) had me a little juiced up in anticipation of some bdsm, but it tapered off into unbelievable "drama."

Pleasure or Pain is a film I might watch again, but next time I would turn off the sound and pick up the speed.

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Welp, that was painful. I couldn't get through the first 5 minutes.