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  • 4.1
Pinhas and his mother are new immigrants from Russia. While his mother barely makes a living working night shifts, she devotes her spare time to the affair she has with a married man. On the third floor lives a religious family, and Pinhas is drawn to their warmth and unity. There he meets a girl his age and her older brother who slowly introduces him to religion.

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This is a poignant film about a young boy's spiritual journey at age 8. He wrestles with the indiscretions of his mor whilst striving to be the righteous young man that he wants to be. The film does well to progress the journey of the boy whilst also demonstrating the compassion and benevolence that is maintained within both the sides that vie for his allegiance. Love And Peace.

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Delicate and sensitive. Loved it!


Love a story of friends being attentive to the needs of each other no matter the difference in age. And this was a good story in that genre.

kind of

Excellent film!