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  • 3.7
Think of PINBALL as a spinning flying saucer which lands in your yard, performs, and then flies away to the sound of film flapping in a projector... The film visualizes George Antheil's 1952 revision of "Ballet Mecanique" using trigger fast cutting, painted imagery and sound effects. It might be described as "visual music." Let loose from narrative confines, PINBALL is an intense abstraction of animated paintings by Suzan Pitt.

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Art isn't static. It's not a fixture on a wall. It is a living, pulsating form of energy, radiating around us and within us. Suzan Pitt's imaginative depiction of a painting as a kinetic, Carnival thrill-ride of color and motion is a celebration of the emotional energy that art can generate. Zoom!

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A kind of line and colour out of Kandinsky are rolled around the screen, or rather roll *you* around the screen, in a kind of whiplash joyride for the eyes which almost never slows down. A delightful use of George Antheil's music from Leger's Ballet Mecanique, and of course both of these pieces share a Futurist's delight in reveling in both motion and machine. Almost as good as playing pinball.