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Pig Death Machine2013

  • 3.6
After eating rotten meat, a brainless brunette is transformed into a dangerous genius, while in a Doctor Doolittle twist, a misanthropic-punk-rock-botanist-babe gains the power to "talk to plants." Dreams become nightmares as they choke on the sweet nectar of envy and desire.

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Day-glo underground headcase comedy that tells the parallel stories of two women and their bizarre reactions to tainted pork. One is a rank idiot who becomes a super-genius and struggles with the weight of her new perceptions. The other is a plant lover who develops the ability to hear foliage talk, including grass that winces in pain as she walks on it and lettuce that screams when sliced. It's the first feature in over a decade from the husband and wife team of Jon Moritsugu and Amy Davis. He directs, she stars, both write and do other hands-on jobs in this raw DIY production shot in the adobe-lined streets of Santa Fe. The two became vegetarians during the making and it shows. Underneath the screwball surrealism is a meditation on the anxiety of food consumption, from a purely health conscious point of view (it's not preachy). Pork products look anything but appetizing here. It's either creepily pink and so raw that you can smell the salmonella or fried up in grotesque cholesterol puddles of sizzling fat.

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