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Picasso and Braque Go to the Movies2008

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  • 4.0
Produced by Martin Scorsese and Robert Greenhut and directed by Arne Glimcher, PICASSO AND BRAQUE GO TO THE MOVIES is a cinematic tour through the effects of the technological revolution, specifically the invention of aviation, the creation of cinema and their interdependent influence on artists Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque. With narration by Scorsese and interviews with art scholars and artists including Chuck Close, Julian Schnabel and Eric Fischl, the film looks at the collision between film and art at the turn of the 20th Century and helps us to realize cinema's continuing influence on the art of our time.

Member Reviews (4)

top reviewer

The film offers some interesting archival clips of the early history of cinema as well as many of Braque and Picasso's cubist works. As to whether these beginnings of cinema and the revolutionary art forms which evolved in Braque and Picasso's cubist art are intimately connected is never convincingly outlined. Instead the viewer is left with a lot of abstract critical pontifications which end up more confusing than clarifying.

top reviewer

since i'm an artist & i'm really familiar with picasso & braque i found this interesting_i never knew about the cinema connection_that's really cool_i've always liked the total abstraction of the russian artists more_i think that was a greater leap forward_there are some points of view in this film that i found boring_but i'm glad i watched it

New information not found in most Art History Survey Lit. on connections to film in work of Braque and Picasso. Ideas explored expand notions of abstraction. Enjoyed commentaries of Scorsese and contemporary artists, esp. Chuck Close. Too bad Basquiat not on this plane but comments are in his work.

The film lacked depth, though the subject was highly interesting. I thought some materials were forced to ensure various points were made. The best part were the archival materials. They redeemed the work for me.