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also known as Thoughts and Visions of a Severed Head

Pensées et visions d'une tête coupée1991

  • 3.2
A cheeky and pensive immersion into the paintings and writings of Belgian Romantic painter and sculptor Antoine Wiertz (1806–1865) whose mammoth (and, some quoted here have said, pompous and unappealing) canvases hang today in their own museum in Brussels. Displaying a sensuous, dreamlike and arch imagination (including a museum clientele played, in something like a literal rebuttal to Wiertz's own unembarrassed condescension, by a cast of little people), Johan van den Driessche and Olivier Smolders' beautifully wrought 1992 meditation on art and ego is an enduring act of postmodern portraiture. - Robert Avila

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Great Art Piece!!!