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Paul's Experience2012

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  • 2.8
The most successful Dutch director of all time, Paul Verhoeven prides himself on making each new film "a jump into the unknown." Even during a high-profile Hollywood sojourn, he avoided repeating himself with such famous (and sometimes infamous) gambles as ROBOCOP, BASIC INSTINCT, SHOWGIRLS and STARSHIP TROOPERS. For his first feature since the over-the-top World War II melodrama BLACK BOOK, he went even further out on a creative limb. This behind-the-scenes peek at the crowdsourced TRICKED details the unique process behind a film that started production with just four pages establishing characters and plot elements. The script's remainder would be distilled from literally thousands of contributors via an open "audience participation" process vetted by Verhoeven and his collaborators. It was a method that proved both exciting and difficult for all (as this making-of documentary reveals) and has since been repeated in Hong Kong with John Woo at the helm. - Dennis Harvey

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"As ever, the paradox of Mr. Verhoeven’s style is that it seems to wallow in tastelessness and transgression even as he remains one of the most classical movie craftsmen." - Ben Kenigsberg, The New York Times