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  • 3.1
In this steamy Brazilian drama, SпїЅo Paulo is a hotbed for intrigue amongst the young, restless and alive. A freespirited actress who leaves her devoted provincial boyfriend behind to make it in the big city, Marina (Sylvia Laurenco) dives into the big city's nightlife-driven energy. She finds herself infatuated with the club chanteuse (Danni Carlos) who croons Radiohead songs for the benefit of a jaded clientele. But her flatmates, too, find themselves seduced into liaisons variably romantic and risky.

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Member Reviews (7)

Very interesting, I recommend it. Yo must see it to the end.


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Thrown together.

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i like all of the loose ends the bits & pieces that don't fit together_life isn't tidy_some of it seems a bit lame & i grew impatient with a character or two_but it's worth while_ Sao Paulo looks great & i think the club scenes could have been more lively_not much energy there

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The lyrics for "Nature Boy" might be read before viewing the film, or perhaps better, after. The film took me back to the few lonely years when finding myself alone, I was desperately to love and be loved. It finally came to me that searching in tat way, I usually met others as needy as I was. Love came to me only after I started taking care of myself, accepting myself, and then it was possible to survive even when there were some who could not love me for who I am. The film's sadness is real, the loneliness and the pain is real, but I wish there had been a movement toward hope.

Not a lesbian movie and very disappointed that it was categorized as such.

Undeveloped characters, but overall a good emotionally jarring drama.

interesting story about human connection and disconnection and how fragile we really are........