Paulina Hollers


directed by Brent Green, 12 minutes

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A religious zealot mother kills herself to try and find her dead son and escape with him from Hell. Music by Jim Becker and filmmaker Brent Green.

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Top reviewer
1 member found this review helpful Created about 1 year ago.

Extremely creative and lovely to look at despite the scraggly nature the entire film. It shakes and rattles and scratches around. Part of me wants to say the narration was a bit much, but I guess I can't imagine it without it now.

Created about 3 years ago.

This is an incredibly creative film that sticks to its own vision, which I find hard to take in some ways, but I applaud it. There is a frenetic quality to this that never ends. It doesn't fit the words. It's sped up beyond being able to process it and appreciate the beauty of what's being said. Yet ends with a plea to appreciate the beauty of the world around us. Such a plea would be more suited to less shaky, traumatized narration all the way through. But the way it's done is apparently an important part of the message. Wonderful phrases come out of a wash of words. Each change of visual concept is brilliant.

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