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Paradise of the Damned1980

  • 2.7
Rock Ross' ironically titled, time-lapse record of a 1980s Gay Pride parade in San Francisco is hardly the celebration of a celebration one would expect. By stationing his camera at a jog in the route so that the floats and people head right at us and then veer off at the last minute (and speeding up their movements in the process) he transforms the pageant's erratic asphalt ambling into an anxiety-ridden urban expedition. - Michael Fox

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Member Reviews (7)

top reviewer

This film offers an opportunity to view the subject matter in a totally unconventional way. Enjoy!

Maybe not a great film, but a testament to the sheer size of the gay rights movement in The Bay Area as far back as 30 years ago. An interesting and powerful record of history.

no need to keep this; such bad quality

Weak! -4stars!

never mind

Yeah... and?

Hardly the cinematic prowess I was expecting. Having been there in the enigmatic 80's San Francisco, the nostalgia of the clothing and the cars was interesting at best. Had there been some narration, or - better yet - period music - I might have enjoyed it more than I did in it's current form; which plays out more as the infancy of a cinematographer's dream than an artistic accomplishment.