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  • 3.7
All of his adult life, Alex has worked for his father in the family business. Now, in the throes of a midlife crisis, he wants a change. Trouble is, the family business is murder-for-hire, and his father won't let him quit! After meeting and falling in love with Sarah, a confused, sexually charged twenty-three-year-old woman, now his life is really out of control!

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Member Reviews (3)

A film worth watching primarily for the acting. The story line itself does not live up to the character development. The best scenes are between the father and Sammy. The story at times was not very realistic. For example, there is never any mention by any of the characters that the police are trying to solve these assassinations that are supposed to be happening.

It's a good film because it answers so many questions about life including why are sine father's sociopathic.

i'm sure this is a very good film. rotten tomatoes likes it. imdb gives it a 6.8. clearly people think well of it. i just couldn't hang. (i bailed after about 20 minutes.) i just could n0t convince myself that william h macy was a killer. everyone else was fine. neve campbell is great even when she's not being chased by a crazed serial killer. tracey ullman is an interesting choice. and i'd believe anything donald sutherland wanted me to believe. but macy? look at those big blue eyes. look at that puppy dog face. is that the face of a killer? no it is not. if you can get past that though, i'm sure this one is fine. (maybe it's time to watch fargo again.)