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also known as El Invierno de Pablo

Pablo's Winter2012

  • 4.5
Pablo needs to stop smoking. Why? Because his wife, family and doctor say he should. But Pablo is a stubborn man. He has worked in the mercury mines of Almadén, Spain, risking his life daily. He has had five severe heart attacks and smoked 20 Winston cigarettes a day since he was 12. Now in his seventies, Pablo spends most of his day in front of the TV, surrounded by a cloud of smoke, with his back turned firmly towards a village that has lived through better times. Pablo represents the last generation of Almadén mercury miners, an age-old profession with over 2,000 years of history. Through a straightforward depiction of life's everyday moments, PABLO'S WINTER explores the decay of the local mining culture, but above all, pays homage to its real protagonists: the miners and their families.

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top reviewer

Thanks Chico for this movie. It was an unexpected surprise. This is not only a tribute for Almadén's workers. It is a tribute to all retired people all over the world, for families and couples, but also to a society and a social system that despite of all difficulties still values humans more than just money. Beautiful and deep, it is very much appreciated the generosity of the characters in opening their lives to us. It very well shows the Spanish character, the sweetness in the apparently tough and even mean behavior, the pass of time, and the question of what does and does not make sense in life at the end.