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also known as Boot Hill Mamas

Outlaw Women1952

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  • 3.5
Meet the babes who shoot to thrill and make the coyotes howl! In this offbeat Western yarn, the town of Las Mujertes is run by women and controlled by saloon owner Iron Mae McLeod (Marie Windsor). But male visitors (including Jackie Coogan as a gunslinger!) create complications.


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Member Reviews (4)

top reviewer

There have been 96 million Westerns made in Hollywood. This is one of them. “Outlaw Women” manages to set itself apart from all the wooden sets and wooden dialog that littered the San Fernando Valley over the years. It’s a lighthearted, music-filled romp that doesn’t take it self too seriously.

The real treat here is Marie Windsor, the queen of B-movies. She was an energetic presence, a leading lady equal to some of the A-Listers of her era—Crawford, Stanwyck, Bacall, and others. Here's to ya, Marie!

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top reviewer

I have seen a lot of westerns, and this one ranks among the best. It was great for all the reasons we love old westerns!

top reviewer

Grappling with sexism and male roles in a Western. Won't spoil it with the ending but it's amusing. Enjoy. Can't live with em--Can't live without em.....

A very entertaining western movie.