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Outer Space1999

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  • 4.1
Guy Maddin writes, "Tscherkassky has made two films cannibalizing Sidney J. Furie's 1982 Barbara Hershey horror film THE ENTITY, the story of a woman who is continually assaulted and raped either by real ghosts or by awfully adept repressed traumas… The screen literally explodes with a tumult of Hershey faces, shattering Steve Burum's original cinematography into shards of frightened eyes, trembling hands and violent outbursts of self-defense, presented in multiple exposures too layered to count, too arresting to ignore."

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Winner of the "Golden Spire" at the 2000 San Francisco International Film Festival.

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My God! A visual nightmare induced by an assault of broken images and hellish audio. Pretty damned scary!

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My God! A visual nightmare induced by an assault of broken images and hellish audio. Pretty damned scary!

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I like it because it's got a good beat and you can dance to it. Plus it relentlessly challenges assumptions about perceptual coherence in the face of violence.

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Good, but I definitely think the video should have a seizure warning attached. Even I, someone who does not suffer seizures through flashes of light had to turn my laptop screen aside.

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top reviewer

Terrible. What genius gave this crap an award? Nearly unwatchable. But dont take my word for it....see for yourself.

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Very intense.

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If I actually have the seizure I feel coming on I'm gonna sue. Other than that i think I missed a great deal, couldn't make out the dialogue sniippets and since I didn't have the original in memory, didn't know what i was seeing. I think I would have done better on a larger screen instead of dinky-time laptop. That said, it was scary and compelling. Reviewer below seems to feel the film medium itself was on the attack. Good enough for me.

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big deal

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Eerie,frightful,engrossing! Director Peter Tscherkassky takes the 1982 classic "The Entity" to task in this 10min short. Using numerous layerings of film,brilliant angles and cleverly selected slices of the original, this is one captivating piece of genius cinematography.

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A strangely nostalgic visit to the world of celluloid.

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The Entity through the eyes (?) of the ghosts. Truly frightening and disturbing.

I'm not sure if it's what everyone is referring to as a strobe or if it's just the cuts moving very quickly but I felt very swallowed up by the blackness, especially when things slowed down, which is a very terrifying feeling, especially when things are so so alien (and I haven't seen the original films repurposed for this either, just for the record). I felt like I was trapped in that crooked house, and then like I was trapped between the gate and shutter of the camera that was re-exposing all these images. Didn't even feel like 10 minutes. EXHILARATING!

Complete audio visual nonsense. I thought my ROKU box had a stroke or something.

Images of Barbara Hershey fragment, double and triple, as the language of cinematic representation collapses into sublime chaos. Horrifying and bracing, this is not a film for anyone prone to photosensitive seizures!

Did not finish, which is rare for I usually have a bad habit of finishing even the worst movies. One star which is most likely one star too many. Marc

Poor movie, more like a black and white kaleidoscope at best.

Interesting image 'montage,' is it? Ms. Hershey at her best.

While my eyes are strained after being assaulted throughout the 10 minute film, I was, nevertheless, absolutely hypnotized. I am a big fan of The Entity, and this film was exponentially creepier that the original - like watching a snippet of a terrifying nightmare. My only complaint is the moments where the film becomes a strobe assault. Those scenes, while likely attempting to convey the chaos of her attacks, felt disconnected from the original theme, and only served as a distraction.

Fandor should seriously consider a "seizure/flashing lights" warning. Some people get seizures simply from watching a bunch of photographers' flashes going off. The strobe here goes on for almost the entire film, and it is relentless and exhausting. Having said that, I thought the the technique, "the broken film projector" style, was used very effectively. This film is not interested in being your friend, and so doesn't pander at all to the audience. But I thought it did a very good job of conveying tension and fear.

This abstract short; is really captivating as we get a glimpse of what could be life elsewhere.

A short film that feels long; the gimmick loses its punch after about three minutes. Nothing to see, here, move along.

Oh My God! a most intense use of film I have seen. Ever. Film as a medium as itself. It is the film, It's property , that... I don't know. I just don't

Now we are the ENTITY. We imprinted evil on her and she imprinted strength, resolve and victory on us.


screen play so busy could not initialy understand just what was going on. Should not have to read the text to notice the action.....

don't watch if strobe hurts you

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