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Our Stars2015

  • 3.7
Stars of the 1940s and 1950s, were they cast for their mutual affinities or for their commercial appeal? If and when they were re-starred years later, did the magic still work? Did sparks still fly? The movie business, a machine that manufactured romance and desire at the same time that it documented the process of aging. A meditation on youth and beauty, aging and box office.

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Brilliant! Fun for movie lovers.

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I kept waiting for this film to become never did!!

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Brilliant! Fun for movie lovers.

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Masterful video essay. Compact history of stardom and its province during the studio "Golden Era."

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Terrific -- new old films added to my list to see -- and wise, thought-provoking commentary and deconstruction...

I really enjoyed seeing my favorite stars and their passionate roles.

nicely done from a guy who knows cinema

Very interesting.

An attractive little film; wish it had been longer.