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Our Nixon2013

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  • 3.9
Throughout Richard Nixon's presidency, three of his top White House aides documented their experiences with Super 8 home movie cameras. Young, idealistic and dedicated, they had no idea that a few years later they'd all be at the center of a history-making impeachment scandal. This unique and personal visual record, created by H.R. Haldeman, John Ehrlichman and Dwight Chapin, was seized by the FBI during the Watergate investigation, then filed away and forgotten for almost forty years. OUR NIXON is an all-archival documentary presenting those home movies for the first time, along with other rare footage, creating an intimate and complex portrait of the Nixon presidency as never seen before.

Member Reviews (6)

top reviewer

Really nothing new, and who cares anymore anyhow?

Great raw doc detailing (with the help of the home movies of 'the Germans' as nicknamed at the time: Haldeman, Erlichman, Kissinger et al) the blind trust/loyalty they had in Nixon throughout the 8+ years they worked for him.Right through their eventual resignations. Bonus footage: the Ray Conniff singers protesting Nixon TO HIS FACE right after he's introduced their performance at the WH. Priceless.

An essential complement to more direct material about the era. Haldeman is a gifted photographer. Bravo to director Penny Lane!

Excellent footage, and excellent choices of audio. However, I think the movie could have been stronger if the filmmakers had tied the footage more closely to the narrative of Nixon's presidency. And while it was admirable how little they relied on footage from external sources, be they televised addresses or whatever, a little more breadth of footage might have made the (actually very little) candid video of Nixon (for instance, at his Daughter's wedding reception), that much more impactful.

Still, very watchable, and enjoyable.

Fascinating footage

For those with a fascination with Richard Nixon and those around him, you will love this. Two of Nixon's closest advisors, Halderman and Erlichman, both had a passion to use their front row seats to document the Nixon administration with 8 mm movie cameras. Halderman seems much more human in retrospect.