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Our Lady of the Sphere1969

  • 3.6
Of all my films, this is the most popular to date. Unfortunately, it is also the most cartoon-like and has an almost visible storyline: the young boy's travels through terror, death and the Underworld. My own conception of the circus sequence in the film connotes the world's weakness for striking up the band to cover tragedy, as when someone falls from a high wire in the circus. I did achieve certain special "break-throughs" with OUR LADY OF THE SPHERE, in that the flat surface was broken with forward and away zooms, but this is a simple thing. In the process, I had to relinquish certain subtle and more tenuous relationships between moving components and also the highly artificial gravitational formulations and inventions of such films as DUO CONCERTANTES and HAMFAT ASAR. - Lawrence Jordan

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Member Reviews (9)

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top reviewer

weird in a funny sort of way

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top reviewer

Yes more of a plot here, similar to Alice falling into the well, and not as mystical as some of his other work, but it's exciting, and everything of his I've seen makes me laugh out loud.

Looks like an Utne magazine cover from 1994 promoting the new global economy. So steam punk I used it to clean my carpets. - Abe

Breathtaking use of collage and color to create a weird surrealist world. This one is electric with electric colors. Thanks for having it on your website. It is thought provoking and brilliant.

different - something to do with 12-12-12

Every Jordan film I've seen throws in everything and the kitchen sink. These would be more poetic if they were more restrained and has a logic other than lots of Ernstiana zooming in and out all the time.

Breathtakeing stop motion animation useing cut up, Victorian & Edwardian styled collages. Brilliantly tells a story threw this old, forgotten medium we see little of now. The amount of time to make this long ago would now be unthinkable to mostly all artists. A leader in animation who happily was a Frenchman.

A visual feast! Worth a second, third, or fourth look.

Pretty colors.