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also known as The Tragedy of Othello


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  • 4.1
Desdemona, daughter of a Venetian aristocrat, elopes with Moorish military hero Othello (to the great resentment of Othello's envious underling Iago). Alas, Iago knows Othello's weakness and, with chilling malice, works on him with but too good effect.

Member Reviews (2)

top reviewer

Extremely powerful acting and wonderful sets and editing. Best parts of this movie are the more surreal ones, like the opening or the attempt on Cassio's life. Great music and well-paced.

top reviewer

I'm not usually patient enough to sit through a Shakespearean production, but this adaptation was very entertaining. It included all the major scenes in the original play and was clearly recognizable as the original play by Shakespeare. The acting was very good by the whole cast, but Orson Welles gave a particularly strong performance as Othello. The sets were very realistic, including a lot of nice outdoor scenes. This was definitely an entertaining adaptation of Othello.