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One is Business, the Other Crime1912

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  • 3.3
D.W. Griffith's inventive approach in this remarkable short film covers two simultaneous stories of two couples and how their lives unexpectedly intersect.


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Member Reviews (2)

Each of these DW Griffith Biographs are treasures. This film should be projected on the walls of Goldman Sachs 24/7 as times have not changed all that much and the mobsters on Wall street should be reminded of the liberation that occurs when one does the right thing. Beautifully photographed by Billy Bitzer, Griffiths camera man. I'm always amazed at the scenes outdoors. They must have waited for the wind to arise to blow the trees in the background. Everything about these films seems perfect. Blanche Sweet never looked more luminous.

This film compares white collar crime (which it labels "business") to blue collar crime. It suggests that blue collar crime is only done out of desperate poverty, whereas white collar crime is done out of greed and political corruption. It gets the message across successfully, even though it's a silent film. There are definitely some political undertones, especially if you know the history of this time period.