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also known as Rindu kami padamu

Of Love and Eggs2004

  • 1.8
In frustration, a young woman calls out to her father, who stands no more than twenty feet away from her in a crowded mosque, "Speak to me! I can't hear you!" A teacher hands the anguished father a microphone, whispering, "Use this. She'll hear you when you use this." To the cheers of the crowd, the father speaks into the microphone, telling his daughter how much he loves her. This film brings gentle humor to complex relationships between parents and children, and to social and religious issues of life in and around a Jakarta mosque, through the eyes and voices of children, and the powerful imagery of a prayer rug, young love and eggs.

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Member Reviews (1)

God, those kids annoyed the hell out of me. Now I know why tigers eat their young.

Seriously, the director shows potential, but you can still do much better. Give this one a pass.