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also known as Edipo re

Oedipus Rex1967

  • 3.9
A dark and riveting retelling of the classic tragedy "Oedipus Rex." Unknown to himself, Oedipus kills his father and marries his mother. When the truth is discovered, he puts out his eyes and Oedipus wanders the streets until he is found by his daughter, Antigone, a common blind beggar. Set in Morocco, the film is a visual wonder of desert landscapes and powerful Moorish architecture. This cast includes avant garde film and theater director Carmelo Bene, Julian Beck from New York’s Living theater, and Pasolini himself as the High Priest.

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"This film flays me raw me every time I watch it, particularly the opening—a lyrical yet somehow grotesquely accurate portrait of childhood confusion." - Nathan Silver, Keyframe

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Ay, ay, ay Passolini...

More than a film adaptation of Sophocles' play. A meditation on the deep structure of late capitalist subjectivity. Indispensable.

Master piece.