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  • 4.0
Hailed as the seminal film of the Korean new wave, acclaimed director Lee Chang-dong’s OASIS tells the story of two societal misfits and their struggle to find love and acceptance amidst the hypocrisy of modern Korean life. Fate helped bring them together, family fought to keep them apart.

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Fabulous movie that has further strengthened my appreciation for South Korean


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Fabulous movie that has further strengthened my appreciation for South Korean


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Very talented but very disturbing. Couldn't watch past the rape scene. Hated the romanticizing of rape, with the girl putting the lipstick after the rape.

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he's so painfully stupid & she's so painful to watch but there's room for magic & it's the most bizarre love story i've ever seen

Lars von Trier has said art or film should be like a rock in your shoe. Well, Chang-dong Lee's film Oasis is that rock. Beautiful, well written, well acted, subtle use of camerawork to create a tighter, more claustrophobic experience with characters that you do not want to be forced to stare at. Oasis will make you cringe, cry, laugh, think...think about many things, one of which being the genius that is Chang-dong Lee. The man made his debut with Green Fish around 1997 and it was a mediocre low-level gangster genre film; it had its nice flourishes, good writing, etc. But since then, starting with Peppermint Candy in 1999, Lee has only made masterpieces.

This isn't an ordinary love story. It's a heavy and sometimes a frustrating movie to watch because it depicts the human soul so well. There are a few moments that turn this rather harsh reality into pure magic and worth waiting for them. If this was made in Hollywood, Moon So-ri would've won an Oscar.