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also known as Soaps and Favelas I Devil's Soap Operas

Novelas do capeta2014

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  • 3.8
When we think of Brazil, we think of beaches, soccer, poverty and crime (the economic boom of the new millennium). What we do not think about is what everybody in Brazil thinks about: soap operas. In Brazil, they are called Telenovelas. Statistics show that eighty-seven percent of the Brazilian population, roughly one-hundred sixty million people, watch television soap, every single day. Telenovelas are aimed at the rapidly growing middle-class, but lower middle-class and the poor are all watching the stories of lives they would want to lead. Against this background, filmmaker Elizabeth Rocha Salgado raises the question if telenovelas are a mirror of life, or whether the opposite might be true: that what we call real life is in fact totally inspired by and modeled after telenovelas.