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also known as Noriko no shokutaku

Noriko's Dinner Table2005

  • 3.6
Brimming with a hip sensibility and a touch of ultra-violence, this provocative Japanese film by young director Sion Sono stunned audiences during its initial theatrical run. Teenager Noriko Shimabara escapes her tiny provincial town and moves to the big city to find an internet cult group called There she meets the site's webmaster, a young woman named Kumiko, and loses herself in the cult practices of this strange group. As Noriko grows closer to her new friends, she must decide if leaving her old life behind is worth it. Told in a fractured style, the film is an extension of Sono's runaway success SUICIDE CLUB. Too horrific to be mere drama and too melodramatic to be horror, NORIKO'S DINNER TABLE takes a harsh look at alienated youth in a modern society.

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Member Reviews (4)

top reviewer

Sion Sono's movie is aggressively ambitious and manages to explore an idea that not only disturbs but fascinates. Provocative and most often quite effective.

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Boring. Women are predictable weak and dumb. Shallow theme

Some really interesting material here but it unfolded in a painfully slow way. That was a shame. I could see this being very interesting done a different way. I was forced to skip ahead a bit using the >>. That is rare for me.