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also known as Herz der Welt

No Greater Love1952

  • 2.3
In 1905, Baroness Bertha von Suttner became the first woman to win the Nobel Peace Prize and the second female Nobel laureate ever (after Marie Curie). Harald Braun's 1952 West German drama tells the story of her evolution from the good Prussian girl who cheerfully celebrates military duty to the passionate pacifist who spends her life as an outspoken anti-war activist. The film was also released in the U.S. under the title THE ALFRED NOBEL STORY and, indeed, the inventor of dynamite and the creator of the Nobel Prize plays a major role. But make no mistake: this is the story of von Suttner and how her commitment partially inspired the Nobel Prize. This is history as grand melodrama and idealism in action from a country still healing the wounds of its own militant legacy. [Unfortunately, NO GREATER LOVE is presently only available with an English-dubbed dialogue track. Dubbing is generally avoided whenever possible (though not an option in this particular instance).] – Sean Axmaker

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The cinematography and lighting are excellent and the acting is great, if you like "Pre_Method" acting. The story is slow moving and the characters lack depth, but again, it is visually interesting.