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also known as The Eternal Moment of Now

Nine Lives2001

  • 3.8
A house cat dreams of her past lives.

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Member Reviews (8)

I recently lost my beloved cat and thought I would take a look at this short...Loved it :)

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It is said that your life flashes before your eyes just before you die. Multiply by nine for Pinky (playing herself). If you have ever wondered what your cat dreams about, you will enjoy this very SHORT subject.

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CUTE. Amazing what you can pack into one minute. Worth a minute of anyones time -- especially if you have ever had a cat and observed it sleeping, whimpering.

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That cat had an epic imagination.

Made me laugh, funny, interesting and short and sweet. This is exactly what a short should be!

just my kind of movie, I think I was driving that car, good brakes MeoW