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Nightmares in Red, White and Blue2009

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  • 3.5
NIGHTMARES IN RED, WHITE AND BLUE is a comprehensive history of the American horror film that aims right for the jugular. Starting with Thomas Edison's version of FRANKENSTEIN and slashing its way through to SAW and beyond, this incisive documentary examines how these monstrous creations were gruesome reflections of their time. NIGHTMARES charts the genre's shift from atomic age anxieties (THEM) and Vietnam-era violence (NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD) all the way to post-9/11 xenophobia (HOSTEL), with stops at THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE and Camp Crystal Lake in between. Director Andrew Monument also explores the rebellious appeal of the outsider, starting with silent star Lon Chaney and later epitomized in Hannibal Lecter's idiosyncratic pursuit of individual liberties. With commentary from horror luminaries including Roger Corman, Joe Dante, John Carpenter, Larry Cohen and George Romero, and featuring clips from more than 150 movies spanning over 100 years, NIGHTMARES is a bloody master class on one of America's most enduring and revealing art forms.

Member Reviews (2)

Worthy history of American horror movies.

Fascinating look at American horror movies.