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also known as Le concerto de la peur

Night of Lust1962

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  • 2.8
  • mature audiences
Created in 1962 and immediately banned in over half the world! A French crime potboiler starring Hans Verner and Jean-Pierre Kalfon as rival gang leaders who clash over control of the narcotics trade. Parisian drug gangs are battling over turf, leading to kidnappings, beatings, murders, betrayals and other intrigues. Featuring Chet Baker's marvelous free-jazz score and the most beautiful French ladies the world has ever seen. It pricks the conscience, probes the libido and excites the senses.

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Controversial 1960s potboiler with great jazz score by Chet Baker.

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the vintage 1959 lithe blonde bombshell wriggling her hips as she rhythmically slips out of dress and unders to chet baker's offbeat composition (complete with a brassy trumpet solo climax) over the opening credits is the best thing about this film. but then, i'm no fan of dubbed pics (the godzilla-mothra series and the situationist's "can dialectics break bricks" excepted). the cinematography surprises at times and paris shows off the grit it had before les halles was razed, if you like that kind of look. there are tits galore for those who were never breast-fed, and the plodding plot line helped me to fall asleep when i feared that i might not.

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With an absurd script that -fortunately for us- contains as much early 1960's nudity as it does bad dialogue - eye fixed on your inner francophile, NIGHT OF LUST weaves an enticing and violent tale of misfortune between rival gangs looking to make "the big score".

The camera caresses the reefer'd & naked cast set against a European backdrop, accompanied by the sultry rhythms of Chet Baker and company… worth it's 56 min run time, especially if you and the misses missed burlesque night this week.

Funny flick.

1 star for the chet baker music during title credit. The movie was so bad i fast-forwarded, searching for scenes with music but even the rest of the score was boring.