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Nice Bombs2006

  • 4.4
In NICE BOMBS filmmaker Usama Alshaibi returns to Baghdad to reunite with his family after nearly twenty-four years. This documentary navigates through his unique relationship to an Iraq that is much different than the country of his childhood. Usama captures the conflicting reactions to the conditions of life in Baghdad. Through a wide range of opinions and experiences he provides a broad panorama of voices long neglected under Saddam's regime. His cousin Tareef enters the room upon hearing an explosion. "It's a bomb. A Nice Bomb," he explains. The phrase is indicative of his family's nonchalance about their situation. As one young boy put it, "We're Iraqis. It's normal." With humor and resilience NICE BOMBS explores Usama's dual role as both Iraqi and American.

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top reviewer

Let me get this right: We were going to liberate Iraq, weren't we? You might want to watch this.