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New York Confidential1955

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  • 3.9
Crime becomes corporate in Russell Rouse's 1955 thriller NEW YORK CONFIDENTIAL, which finds the free-and-easy hoodlums of 1930s and 1940s gangster films suddenly calling the shots (or taking them) from the boardrooms instead of the back alleys. Character-actor veterans Broderick Crawford, Richard Conte, J. Carrol Naish and Mike Mazurki lend their distinctive noir personas to this tale of a mob boss (Crawford), his loyal hired gun (Conte) and the countless thugs they battle on their way to the top and inevitable bottom. Anne Bancroft provides a love interest for Conte as Crawford's daughter who wants out of the game. But the narrative is mostly about the double-crossing, kill-or-be-killed world of everyday organized crime, where those ordering the hits one day are being hit the next. "This is how the cartel works," a voiceover states at the end. "This is NEW YORK CONFIDENTIAL." - Jason Sanders



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"[A] a richly layered and dense, yet compact movie..." - Jeffrey Anderson, Combustible Celluloid

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A very enjoyable compendium of cinematic clichés and tropes--but the gangster as respectable businessman theme has rarely been quite so front and center. Also worth the watch for energetic performances by less than big name artists.

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A very enjoyable compendium of cinematic clichés and tropes--but the gangster as respectable businessman theme has rarely been quite so front and center. Also worth the watch for energetic performances by less than big name artists.

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Gritty, like a cigarette ash inadvertently inhaled.

top reviewer

Hollywood Crime Drama 101. This one goes by the book, but it delivers. Taut pacing, tight editing, machine gun dialog from a rogue's gallery of veteran character actors--and most of all, Richard Conte! Conte was one of the great tough guys of 40's and 50's Hollywood. He played the Good Guy; he played theBad Guy, but he was always intense, always compelling. Conte was an Italian John Garfield; a bantamweight Burt Lancaster. It may be a cliché to say they don't make 'em like that anymore, but...they don't!

top reviewer

Really decent mafia flick from the good old days. Must see!

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A little creaky at times, but a good nihilist drama. By this time Richard Conti had nailed his bad-guy persona--check out The Big Combo--but here he adds a certain humanity that doesn't jar with his character. A sweet bit of Gangsteriana.

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Excellent performance by RIchard Conte, who stars as hit man hired by mob Syndicate leader Charlie Lupo. Conte's intense eyes tell much of the story; he is one resigned to his fate, though not without inner strife. Well written and fast-paced, this hard-boiled drama should be on the must-see list for lovers of noire and gangster films.

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N.Y.C. was a solid four square nNOIR, with a solid "A" cast of studio regulars.

Like3 most of NOIR it is "found art"

top reviewer

Broderick Crawford at his best. Tough guy with a soft heart.

The acting is good for the era, although I found it too emotive to be called good anymore. The filming is reasonable and the pace near-perfect, although the voice-over is counterproductive and somewhat bothersome. I would have added a bit more backstory to the characters, which would have greatly improved what I found to a be a somewhat cliche storyline (judged by today's standards admittedly). Still, a good film noire-ish movie, which would have probably seemed all the better in its day. However, there are far better offerings in the genre, films where the inner conflicts of the characters are far more pronounced and believable.

A film-reel style voice-over is quickly forgotten in the rather business-like film-noir peephole into the gangster business. Richard Conte exudes snake as he makes his way up the ranks, but Anne Bancroft steels the movie.

This was a very good Film Noir movie. I've watched many Film Noir movies. They are by no means equal in quality and many are nothing more than B movies, although they fit the formula of Film Noir. The best Film Noir movie and one of the originals was Double Indemnity. New York Confidential comes close to the quality of that film, primarily due to an excellent script and superior acting by Richard Conte and Broderick Crawford. This is one worth watching: totally satisfying until the end.

Brilliant performance by Broderick Crawfurd; excellent economical thriller. a little gem

nifty little noir. broderick crawford is unstoppable, delivering the hard boiled text in in his inimitably gruff rat-a-tat-tat. new york confidential is noir like i like'm, clean, quick and neat.

Excellent crime drama and first rate performances.

Excellent for the genre = heavily stylized o OK by me. Recommended highly.

Great film noir, gangster, Godfather like themes, prescient and gripping. Good acting throughout, believable characters, the cardboard quality very entertaining.


the movie loan shark gets ** for it rating and another for * for starring Mr. George Raft playing a role other gangster. Mr. Raft acting is timest . he can preform in any movie era. With head billing. good movie ,but with today directing would dug deeper in the whole story and bought more out to its movie watchers but overall *** stars. for 1952 movie

To me it was a very clean classic movie.Movies aren't made like that anymore.I could watch it anytime.

Great cast...kept my interest

Good old school movie


Fantastic movie.

Interesting. Propaganda of course; but likely an accurate representation as well.

Decent and engaging dark drama.

back in the days when bad guys HAD TO DIE -- and the innocent daughters killed themselves in shame. . . Anne Bancroft never better! Marilyn Maxwell stunning. Broderick Crawford --- what can I say? I love Broderick Crawford.

Great movie with great actors. I loved it.

alright Nick this one was great and everything worked as it should thanks.......

It was great!