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also known as O Som ao Redor

Neighboring Sounds2012

  • 3.9
One of the most acclaimed films of the year, NEIGHBORING SOUNDS is the thrilling debut from filmmaker Kleber Mendonça Filho. On a quiet block in the coastal city of Recife, ruled by an aging patriarch and his sons, a recent spate of petty crime has rattled the nerves of the well-to-do residents. When a mysterious security firm is brought in to watch over the neighborhood, it sparks the fears and anxieties of a divided society still haunted by its past.

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"...this isn't merely the best new movie I've seen this year; it may well be the best Brazilian movie since the 1970s." - John Powers, NPR

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A solid first feature. I'm interested in seeing what Filho does next. He can already paint a picture (what he does with the architecture of the city is brilliant) and succeeds in creating his own world.

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8fad4ef72d6b0476146a4daee95fa5f3? m 0087
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A solid first feature. I'm interested in seeing what Filho does next. He can already paint a picture (what he does with the architecture of the city is brilliant) and succeeds in creating his own world.

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Beautiful, realistic and poetic.

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The place is very particular, but universally representative of trends and phenomenon which are simultaneously topical and timeless. The fear and loathing of the rich towards the poor is at the heart of this Brazilian tale. There is a sense of immediate dread and tension that lingers throughout the film, in the most mundane of contexts. It's almost like, "something bad is going to happen... just wait for it." Yet you quickly realize that the "bad something" is occurring. This is not a buildup. The editing and sound design are exquisite, and the city/architecture acts as a vital character. Excellent first film by Filho.

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I think the concept of neighbouring sounds was pretty brilliant. The flow and development of each of the families/individual lives gave a real feel of thriller to the film. However, the lasting moments was a little strange as it felt cut to short and left un-explained from the interaction of the characters in the film. I would of loved to have seen move involvement of all the characters in the block with the finale. Otherwise great film.

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It is a while since I see this film, though it is memorable. Some of the details may escape me at the moment but I recall that this film is worth a repeated view. It is long, and it is comparatively slow (amidst some gratuitous sexual encounters); but as the Fandor description provides, it is suspenseful. And, without a spoiler alert required, the ending abstains from disappointing. There is an overarching tension that continually pervades the atmosphere as the characters pursue resolution. The film is interesting and engaging, and provides the freshness of the coastal breeze. Love And Peace.

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Neighboring Sounds is an intersting film about a crime ridden street in a small Brazilian town, and what the citizens of the street decide to remedy the problem. The film works in many ways, the characters are nicely developed, the screenplay is nicely written, however, at the end, I felt as if there was a slight let down. With such nice charactor development, and a good story line, I was hoping for a stronger ending. However, if you have an appreciation for good ensemble acting, and a good story, you'll enjoy this story.

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love it_really amazing & brilliant film_i fell in love with Sofia & she left_but the film is great

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I loved this movie. It's designs yielded so many terrific surprises. Absolutely loved it.



Solid Film. A carefully observed portrait of a community tied together by fear. Fun to watch despite a meandering plot line that continually loses focus.

Thoroughly muddy, though perhaps to Brazilians it is not. Not all foreign films should claim 'special conditions', ie. look at the throughly lucid, enjoyable, and touching "The Light thief".

Another excellent film!