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Natural Selection2011

  • 3.9
Winner of the Grand Jury and Audience Awards at SXSW and nominated for two Independent Spirit Awards, including Best Actress for Rachael Harris, NATURAL SELECTION is a wonderfully irreverent comedy about a devoted Texas housewife whose carefully ordered world is turned upside down when she sets out to find her husband's long lost son.

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"[Harris is] the big reason that NATURAL SELECTION is so engaging." - Roger Ebert

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The greatest of all stories is watching a character face crisis and grow emotionally and spiritually because of it. "Natural Selection" is a prime example. Rachel Harris triumphs as Linda as everything she had ever known about her life turns out to be a lie. You can almost see her maturing emotionally from scene to scene. If not for anything else, watch "Natural Selection" for her performance.

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The greatest of all stories is watching a character face crisis and grow emotionally and spiritually because of it. "Natural Selection" is a prime example. Rachel Harris triumphs as Linda as everything she had ever known about her life turns out to be a lie. You can almost see her maturing emotionally from scene to scene. If not for anything else, watch "Natural Selection" for her performance.

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Watching Rachael Harris in this rather derivative and trite film is like watching a single violet flower grow out of a dry dandelion bed. She takes the main character from a suppressed middle-aged wife to a passionate independent woman with never a false turn. Just watching her face in any scene is a revelation.

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The lead moved through her role so easily it was hard to imagine her actions as part of a movie. One saw clearly where she came from culturally and emotionally, a cultural touch point often regarded as low class; yet there was no lack of power and determination in tackling new problems as they arose. I enjoyed watching the journey of two people as they physically and emotionally drew closer, ending the journey with the favorite film triumph, intimate physical contact i the bed. Well paced, nicely directed, it touched the heart.

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Actor, Rachel Harris, is so exceptional that she elevates this quirky little movie to something approaching experimental film art. The unbelievable becomes realistic and the concept of "Road Movie" transforms into a surprising cinematic adventure.

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What a mess. Chaos. Complicated. Life failing. Life lived proper. Stuff happens.

"Natural Selection" walks/runs us through all the risks and details and ends with an agonizing decision having to be made. I couldn't guess ahead as to which one would be chosen, but I thoroughly agree with the final decision. Great cast, well managed, though some of the voices were too soft and some of the music was too loud for my ears. I liked the movie. Glad I watched it. I like it when there is a happy ending, even though not everyone ends up happy.

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I really enjoyed the way everything ended up in the conclusion more than any part of this movie. I understand that the director was trying to send a message on male dominance and religion and ghetto dudes and all that but the best part was that a real woman just wants the truth. The truth was what really liberated her.

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WOW! I never heard of this little gem until today. Wonderful writing, wonderful performances. I was laughing at the beginning, crying near the end but was feeling so close to Linda at the end.

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Karen Dalton at the end made me smile - really sweet movie

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Stunningly real characters, with stellar performance by Rachael Harris. I could so feel the subtle, but eventual profound shift in emotion in her dealing with each aspect of concern for her husband and in all her escapades in finding and becoming acquainted with his son. Not so comedic, but touching and sincere.

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Rachael Harris just quietly gave the greatest performance of the year. Even an Oscar wouldn't do justice to this fine acting. Girl is in a category of her own, at the top, stunningly.

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Very touching and entertaining movie. Definitely recommended.

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Oddly likable.

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Good acting overall and likeable performances..pedictable ending but sensitive handling makes the movie more than just a roadie

I didn't think it was predictable at all. I thought she had two choices, but there was a third. And a very independent feminist third.

Excellent. Someone grows and changes and it is not hoky or sentimental.

loved the film

good movie

This is a fun little film, Rachel Harris gives a phenomenal performance, the narrative finds its way. I hope the director continues to sharpen his work with better editing, there's a lot of talent beginning to be expressed in this film.

One of the best independent films I've ever seen. Beautiful acting by Rachael Harris, very appropriate cinematography and excellent script and casting. Bravo

loved the movie

Just another in the tales of a woman being a lying, cheating, slut....the characters are pretty unlikable and unbelievably stupid. Every single one of the men in the film are wimpy, pussified, and have left their balls on their wife's mantle. ...refusing to take them back through the very end. The wife, as i've already stated, is immensely disgusting. You care less whether she lives or dies. Actually, I take that back, you'd rather her die. You try to feel something for these characters but just can't.

It's fun to be a slut, and you are the ball less one. LOL

I liked it. Love it? No but thought it was a simple well done film. the end was too corny. Endings are hard.

Outside of the strictures of his insane past and her moribund marriage and its obsession with Jesus, they find enough freedom in their flung together state -- each sufficiently away from friends and relatives -- to come together and be themselves, totally. The film is humorous because the hilariously dysfunctional relationship they share is so incongruous that each can only deadpan the other. While they share a tacit understanding that they are possibly becoming increasingly meant for each other, each is still surprised when real love emerges. All of the players provide the integrity needed to encourage them and keep them going in the right direction come what may.

Great movie. I recommend it to anyone in the need for an emotional comedy. It really opens your eyes up to how people and the world are ever-changing.

fascinating depiction of the conflict between "right" and "wrong". Such realistic portrayal of characters that I can't relate to but was able to empathize with. This was a new story.

The acting was very good for an indy. Matt O'Leary and Rachael Harris's various diatribes were fun to watch. White trash vs. Christian zealot. The film was also easy to finish. I can see why it did so well at the festivals.

Awesome movie. Five stars.

good story, I hit home

Didn't like the movie.

Love it!

So likable!

Rachel Harris is stunning in this film, but Matt O'Leary is the real breakthough.

I thought this was a "good" movie, I enjoyed watching it. I would recommend it.

super story writing

Pretty intersting but I liked it!

Interesting story. More confirmation that religious practices/beliefs are wacked.

Very good movie, I highly recommend it.