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Nanook of the North1922

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  • 4.3
Robert Flaherty made this wonderful film of Eskimo (Inuit) life following six years as an Artic explorer for the Canadian Northern Railway. Flaherty seized upon the idea of structuring his movie around characters who reenacted episodes of their lives and participated in the shaping of the film. He was not trained as an anthropologist, but Flaherty wisely guides our discovery of the people and their activities, and ninety years later, NANOOK OF THE NORTH remains as completely engaging as it was in 1922, and a huge influence on many ethnographic films that followed. This edition is mastered in high definition at the visually correct speed from the painstaking 35mm restoration of 1972, with a lovely orchestral score composed, compiled and conducted by Timothy Brock.



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"...has an authenticity that prevails over any complaints that some of the sequences were staged. If you stage a walrus hunt, it still involves hunting a walrus, and the walrus hasn’t seen the script." - Roger Ebert

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the best!!!

SO interesting & carefully watching could teach you how to survive in the arctic.

... similar to re-reading Peter Freuchen's books in outlook and amazing detail