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Nancy, Please2012

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  • 3.2
If you've ever had a roommate, you know that sometimes the smallest things can drive you crazy. Andrew Semans' directorial debut is a pseudo-thriller that follows the mental breakdown of Paul, a PhD candidate stymied by the seemingly mundane quest of retrieving a copy of Dickens' "Little Dorrit" from his former roommate, Nancy. A darkly funny and disturbing portrait of the stresses of academia, Paul's descent into madness will challenge your allegiance to the character while simultaneously forging your own obsession with Paul's unpredictable and unbalanced former roommate. The film is filled with unexpected surprises, and creates a palpable tension that never lets up.

Member Reviews (3)

The most accurate depiction of the graduate school life--the agony of independence and the incessant, maddening pressure to produce something original and exceptional in deep isolation. The film grindingly, relentlessly depicts Paul's descent and it very accurately displays how his crisis was self-induced, rooted in his own malaise, not in the absence of his book. Harrowing to watch, for a former graduate student.

Intriguing characters, couldn't wait to see what was happening next.

Paul's seemingly mundane quest ends with a mundane ending. It simmers and even boils over at points, but ultimately this story falls flat. He loses everything to get this book back, and after watching I still have no idea what he was so afraid of.

top reviewer

afraid of taking responsibility for just about anything, seems to me.

not many notes in the book after all....