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My Name is Oona1969

  • 4.0
Gunvor Nelson's entrancing study of her young daughter is not so much a portrait as an invocation. Quicksilver montage make it impossible to discern where one image ends and another begins, richly conveying a fluid sense of a being. As much a work of sound art as a visual poem, the incantatory soundtrack (co-designed by composer Steve Reich) repurposes the childhood game of repeating a word until it turns to nonsense to evoke the enduring mystery of one’s own name (the knife's edge of word and world). - Max Goldberg

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Member Reviews (3)

Fantastic play of echoes with Oona, and the images are just perfect together. A small psychedelic masterpiece. Truly an experience to watch it. Just be in the right mood...

Beautiful imagery full of texture and rich went too far into being about sound design which, for me, took away from the portrait aspect of the piece.

This is one of the best films on Fandor.