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The first fiction film by acclaimed documentarian Sergei Loznitsa, MY JOY is a haunting parable of post-Communist Russia, shot by master cinematographer Oleg Mutu (4 MONTHS, 3 WEEKS AND 2 DAYS). Truck driver Georgy (Viktor Nemets) sets out on a provincial Russian highway for a routine delivery, but after a series of chance encounters his journey spirals out of control. A roadside police check, a talkative war veteran and a too-young prostitute lead him to a village from which there appears to be no way out, where the locals struggle to survive a tough, elemental world and the past holds a vise-like grip over their everyday lives. Caught in a merciless dead end, Georgy's unexpected fate is the crux of Loznitsa's unique and original feature debut. Based on true stories the director encountered during his decade-long pilgrimage by road through Russia, MY JOY is a terrifying look into the abyss from an arresting new voice in feature filmmaking.

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1 member found this review helpful Created 5 months ago.

This is not a film for the faint of heart. It is a great film at many different levels of artistry, thought, talented acting, and brilliant cinematography. It is questionable if this is not just a "haunting parable of post-Communist Russia", but also of post-Democracy USA. Is it unrealistic to think what we would do in this situation? This may well be the future for our lives. The movie explores how naivety can make us easy targets. It seems that naivety is already starting to fade in the world as people everywhere live in more and more fear. Who can we trust? Friends are starting to take on a new importance. The man in this story does not have a chance to develop friendship as he travels deeper into a strange maze-like place that creeps forward as a living nightmare. The director and cinematographer show great talent as the nervous tension of the movie mounts in a very subtle way, crawling under the skin as the body becomes unstoppably rigid with stark fear. This mounting terror draws you into this whirling vortex, down into the black hole of death. The movie is focused on the good and the innocent. The little boy in his white nightgown against a dark background is symbolic of the whole film. This is a "fantastic view" of terror for all people in any country as the world slips into chaos.

Created over 1 year ago.

fantastic view of russia and it's people ....

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