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My Josephine2003

  • 3.6
The cultural diversity of his subjects, the intimacy of his direction and the formal beauty of his filmmaking are present in Barry Jenkins' very first film, a short he made while a student at Florida State University. It was made after the events of September 11, 2001, and inspired by a sign he saw in a Laundromat window while driving through Missouri: "American Flags Cleaned Free." In Jenkins' film, two Arab immigrants reverently clean and fold American flags overnight in a Florida launderette while the man muses over his attraction to the woman (she's "my Josephine," he convinces himself). As they work in the cool, calming blue-green hues of fluorescent light, Jenkins explores their conflicted identities and ambiguous relationship more through what remains unsaid than through their brief conversations. Jenkins still calls it his personal favorite: "I'm probably more proud of it than anything else." - Sean Axmaker

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Member Reviews (1)

Beautifully shot by Laxton. Story was refreshing, comes as no surprise with Jenkins behind the wheel. Watch this short. It seems as though this was during Jenkins FSU days.